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Is Yellow Really Mellow?

October 24th, 2014

Yellow is only mellow if you water it down or start adding other colors. Yellow is a Primary Color! We add it for POP! Yellow brings sunlight to a dark room! So I am promoting Yellow and how I use Yellow in my art. Abstract artists love to splash yellow in the perfect compositon and photographers grab the yellow in a soft flower or a capture it on a speeding taxi cab.
Add Yellow to your day and see how much better you will feel.

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Digital Art Obsession

January 26th, 2014

Sometimes we just go with the flow. It seems to be a more creative process for me. Of course planning and time is very important, but it is always a release to embrace an idea and watch it grow into something more. Let's face it, photographers, digital artists, painters, illustrators...all walk around with a head full of ideas they are waiting to physically create.
This obsession was not recent but has grown from graphic design to digital photography/painting, to digital imagery and just full blown abstract. My point is: film is basically history, and the art we create by hand is always photographed for online purposes, and the massive collections of folders of textures, backgrounds and the perfect shots for blending and manipulating we have at our finger tips is too much to resist. So to my friends and family who already have accepted this information previously, sorry for the slack in our social lives, but I would rather be creating than watching TV. This is not to say I never watch TV just that I have become more selective and much of it is not entertaining or educational. Beware of getting sucked into YouTube and watching all your old faves rock out as time flies by.

Over The Years

August 22nd, 2012

Over The Years...stockpiling has become one of my setbacks...I got busy with "life"...the ups and downs, moving...changes...learning. Artists must have a certain gypsy gene in them to keep creating, exploring and producing. Creating is an overwhelming desire and hunger all human beings must feed to find solace and inner peace. That sounds like a good "Beatles" line...go for it Paul and Ringo!
Reorganizing...something we should do much more often, reminds us of our past and makes us take a look at our present status. Wow, "I remember when I worked on that piece" and the memories flow back about the location, time and resources involved in creating and producing. School taught me about creating, techniques, approaches, mediums, ect...but the hard knocks in life taught me production is essential. Yet while society is trying to box us (especially our children) into labeled learning impairments...I say celebrate your gifts and ride with them. The greatest minds and contributors to society and the arts went out of the box. Continue with education your entire life...then add your spin...teach others to think out of the box.

Slide Show

July 18th, 2012

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To Blog or Not To Blog...

June 18th, 2012

I've been trying to zero in on what I should "Blog" about to perfect strangers. At this moment the only thing that comes to mind is about a million images I have shot, worked on or am contimplating on shooting or painting.
As a painter, you could say I am somewhat unconventional, and like to mix it up with multi mediums and textures. Sometimes I paint on canvas, papers (mostly ones I make) or other surfaces (wine bottles are a favorite of mine).
As a paper maker, I like to recycle paper and other items and come up with interesting and unusual results. You're not ready for my running on about what is possible to make paper with.
As a photographer and digital artist (these two titles go together in my case) I like to push things to the limit. As soon as I figure out how to create one specific imagery, I then find myself wondering how to take that to the next step.
The best thing about being an artist is there is always a new way to capture an image, an emotion or whatever needs to leave your brain and be put on a surface.